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PhenQ Reviews In this PhenQ Review we answer the following questions about the new PhenQ diet pill. ▪ Do PhenQ diet pills really work? ▪ ▪ What is the PhenQ diet pill made of? ▪ Does PhenQ have any side effects? ▪ Who is using PhenQ? Does PhenQ Really Work? PhenQ is claimed by the manufacturers to ▪ Block 82% of carbohydrate calories that you have eaten from being absorbed ▪ Burn 12 times more fat than you would normally if you were not taking PhenQ. ▪ Remove hunger cravings to allow you to control your calorie intake. ▪ Boast your metabolism to help you burn up more calories. These claims have been made because the manufacturers have clinically tested PhenQ, and found these results from the tests. Click to read more information about these Clinical Studies. What is PhenQ made of? PhenQ is made from 100% natural plant extracts. There is no synthetic materials what so ever in PhenQ diet pills. These plant extracts have been carefully selected and blended together to provide you with the quickest and most effective way of losing weight without any side effects. Click to find out more about Meratols ingredients. Does PhenQ have any side effects? PhenQ has no reported side effects. As each PhenQ diet pill is made up from completely natural plant extracts it is sold legally as a diet supplement and not a drug. PhenQ has been clinically tested, as is the law, to ensure it meets the governments safety requirements before it can be sold in the UK. Click to buy Meratol now at the official Meratol site To get special discounts select ONLINE option.. Who is using PhenQ? PhenQ is becoming the most popular diet pill to help people lose weight in the UK. Since its relase many people throughtout the country and the worldwide, having been buying and using PhenQ in their thousands. PhenQ also has got celebrity Status and a number of big Hollywood names are fans of PhenQ diet pills, including Courtney Cox, George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio, as is reported in the national newspapers.