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Red Cross CNA Training Courses

Before starting your training, you will want to know a little bit about what a CNA does as a whole. Most of your responsibilities as a nurse’s assistant will revolve around helping nurses with patient-related tasks such as helping them out of bed and feeding them on a daily basis. This position also involves providing emotional support and stability for patients which is done so you can establish a connection with them as well as trust.

You will find that these Red Cross cna training courses you can take are available in most states across the country and they are recognized as being an acceptable part of training in official CNA programs. The course requires you to have a total of 171 hours and it is done so that those who are interested in a job as a CNA will later become a registered nurse themselves. After receiving this training, you will be able to work in a number of places, including rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, and many more places that need people in this line of work.

The purpose of this program is to give students a chance to experience real life situations, and it is therefore extremely physically involved. You will be able to get exposure to all of the tasks of being a nurse’s assistant that you will have to perform on a daily basis, such as bath and feeding patients, filling out documents, transporting patients around the facility, dressing patients, and helping them to move when they cannot do it themselves. After you are completely finished with your training, you will be able to seek employment in of the many health care facilities that are always looking for new nurses and nurse’s assistants.

As a required part of the program you will have to learn the proper CPR technique in case this life-saving skill is ever needed. In order to come officially certified, you will need to not only complete all of the required training hours, but also the certification test. It is called the The American Red Cross Nurse Aide Competency Exam and you will need to pass it in order to receive your certification. It is a full day which comes out to around five and a half hours long. It is administered in two separate parts, written and practical. View more: CNA Classes in Utah

The first part of the exam you will be required to complete is the practical section. It will test all of your knowledge and experience that you have gained from working directly with patients and registered nurses. The written section of the exam will be made up of hypothetical questions and you will need to take the exam again each year as required and it will be administered by the Red Cross Training Program.