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The complete guide to buying a mattress

Adjustable beds are traditionally thought of as for people who are in hospitals, chronically ill, or in debilitating pain. Although an adjustable bed’s medical benefits are undeniable, they are also suitable for individuals who suffer from common aches, pains and sleep disturbances. They are also ideal for individuals who simply enjoy the comfort of sitting up comfortably while reading, watching television or working. An adjustable bed can also provide a more comfortable nighttime experience.

If you’re considering purchasing an adjustable bed but you’re not certain one is right for you, consider these health benefits — and get a more restful night of sleep.

Dual design

All of our king size beds come in a dual design, meaning you can operate each side independently. This allows you to retain the intimacy of sharing a bed with your partner while at the same having complete freedom when it comes to sleeping and sitting positions. For example, you could angle your half of the bed so it’s perfect for reading a book while at the same time your partner reclines to a suitable sleeping position. Having two separate mattresses also means you are less likely to disturb one another if you need to move during the night.

TwinXL Adjustable Beds

Perhaps you have a small room, and you don’t need a king or queen size adjustable bed. That isn’t a problem because we sell discount adjustable beds in Twin XL sizes.

For one person, a Twin XL (38”x80”) may be a great space saving option. It's large enough to be comfortable on in any position, and is long enough for almost any sleeper. If you already have a Twin XL bed in your space, you probably have pillows, sheets, blankets and coverings that match your preferred bedroom style. Simply use them on your twin size adjustable bed just as you would a traditional bed and mattress of the same dimensions!

Remember that with a twin size adjustable bed, you can get all the benefits of king size adjustable bed frame and mattresses without having to buy a bed that’s too big for your needs! Just find the discount adjustable bed you want, and Dr Snooze can ship it to you from our location in Ocala, Florida. Live in the area? Arrange to come to our facility and pick it up yourself if you prefer.

Queen Adjustable Beds

The next size up is a queen adjustable bed base and mattress, which is 60”x80”.  The only drawback to a queen sized adjustable bed is that there is only one base and one mattress, so both partners are in the same position.  For those single sleepers that like to spread out, a queen sized adjustable base is a great option.

Queen size adjustable beds are also perfect for larger bedrooms such as master bedrooms or spacious guest bedrooms. Many people prefer queen size beds, including teens and young adults. They like the roominess of a queen-size bed, and they love the way an adjustable bed allows them to sleep comfortably sleep all night long.

Don’t forget that when you get a bed that’s adjustable, you’ll also be getting the flexibility to read in bed, work on your laptop or mobile device in bed, or cozily watch TV without needing to prop yourself up with pillows. It’s luxury at its best.

King Adjustable Beds

A king sized adjustable bed comes two ways – a one piece mattress, and a dual set.  The one-piece has one mattress on top, but with two bases that are programmed together at the bottom.  While regular sheets will work on this set, both partners are always in the same position.

If you and your sleeping partner tend to like the same sleeping position, a regular king size adjustable bed will work fine. With a touch of the handy remote, you can raise or lower the bed’s head or foot. Many couples enjoy having this kind of option, especially if they have trouble with snoring. Snoring can be tremendously reduced when you sleep in a position where your head is raised. Both partners can get a great night’s sleep, and neither will be awakened by the sound of loud snores and snorts.

Most modern mattresses aren’t just made from one solid block of foam. They tend to combine multiple layers of different types of foam (usually viscoelastic, memory and polyurethane) to offer a variety of benefits. Typically there's a base of dense foam to provide strength and support, with one or more lighter layers on top for improved comfort, pressure relief and air flow. Right mattress is a very much essential for right sleep. The wrong type of mattress can ruin your sleep, your partner sleep, may induce back pain and body aches and can easily ruin your day. In this article we explore the how to select the best mattress based on your preferences. In fact, you can use mattress selection tool as well to choose the right mattress easily, be productive, stay smart.

Memory foam mattress

This is the new innovation in mattress. Memory foam has open cells structure. Once you press the memory foam mattress it will retain the pressure, remembers it and even when you come out of the bed it will take some time to regain the normal structure. As it remembers the pressure points, hence the name “memory foam”. With a super king memory foam mattress, you get a wide choice of advanced sleep technologies as well as a truly astonishing amount of space for sleep.

Super King size mattresses are 6ft/180cm wide, which is the universal standard size for a super king size mattress.

There is a Super King Size Memory Foam Mattress across all of our mattress ranges, offering a wide selection of mattresses types for you to choose from. If you need some more information before choosing your new super king size mattress, then don't hesitate to contact us. You can also consult our buyer’s guides for more information about choosing the right product for you.

It seems that many people aren’t sure what the purpose is to having a headboard, or why one is even necessary. Well, most of the time with free-standing beds or divan beds, they’re not necessary. But, even if it’s not necessary to the structure of your bed, there are still many reasons to opt to have one.

So, what is a headboard for? Headboards date back as far as Ancient Egypt. Egyptian Pharaohs would have magnificent headboards carved in gold or ebony. They were simply used for aesthetics, with no other known purpose than luxury. In Greek and Roman times, headboards were a little more practical. They were often just basic wooden structures that would shield the bed from cold drafts.It's with good reason that you frequently wash your bedding. Sweating during the night is entirely natural, and sweat and moisture will soak into your pillow and your pillow will then touch the wall. Therefore, if you have a tendency to lie with your head close to the wall, you are even more likely to smudge the wall. Protecting your wall with a headboard can then leave your wall nice and clean.

It’s common knowledge that the focal point of any bedroom should be the bed. A headboard is a great way to add that “finishing touch” to your bed, serving as a visual anchor to the sleep area. With so many different styles of headboards available, it’s easy to find one that can work as an accent to your existing colour scheme or bedroom décor, or visually soften the appearance of the bed and give it a more inviting backdrop.

headboard with frame can give comfortable back support when sitting up.

If you enjoy sitting in bed to read or use your phone or laptop, then you probably rely on the wall behind you to sit up against. Unlike a hard wall, an upholstered headboard can provide your back with comfortable support when you’re sitting upright in bed.