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Your grade sheet for ACUTE CARE NURSING (NU 410 (UG15)-02)
Ashley Ann Mueskes
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A- (92.51%)
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Assignment Grades
ATI assisgnment
Type info: 16% of final grade; 8 assignments
Type grade
A- (93.75%)
ATI Comprehensive
Type info: 2% of final grade; 1 assignment
Type grade
C (75%)
Concept Map
Type info: 10% of final grade; 2 assignments
Type grade
A (98.3%)
Concept Map 1 96.6/100 (96.6%, A) Drop this grade
Concept Map 2 100/100 (100%, A) Drop this grade
Final Exam
Type info: 12% of final grade; 1 assignment
Type grade
B (84%)
Final Exam 84/100 (84%, B) Drop this grade
Type info: 60% of final grade; 5 assignments
Type grade
A- (93.5%)
Quiz 1 100/100 (100%, A) Drop this grade
Quiz 2 89/100 (89%, B+) Drop this grade
Quiz 3 91.5/100 (91.5%, A-) Drop this grade
Quiz 4 92/100 (92%, A-) Drop this grade
Quiz 5 95/100 (95%, A) Drop this grade