The most expensive and cheapest beaches in the world in 2018


Holiday time has officially come. As a student, it is not always easy to find the perfect destination without exploding your budget. Orientation-Education has given you ten destinations to enjoy the summer without breaking the bank. With budgets ever tighter, going on vacation is not an easy task for younger students. For the tourist attractions, some destinations offer affordable travel opportunities in terms of transportation or on-site expenses, especially in Europe.


  • Budapest (Hungary)

The Hungarian capital is one of the ideal destinations for small budgets. The cost of living is 45% cheaper than in France. In addition, to get there, know that many low-cost airlines serve this destination, from 55 euros from Paris.

Once there, it is easy to make you happy at small prices: a hostel for ten euros, a meal for 3 euros or train tickets from 1.50 euro, everything is there. In addition, for fans, be aware that the pint of beer displays the attractive price of 1.15 euros.


  • Sofia (Bulgaria)

If for your holidays you prefer the atmosphere of big cities to beaches, Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, also appears as a destination of choice. For 25 euros a day, you can discover the specialties of the region as well as all the cultural treasures of one of the oldest cities in Europe.

For your evenings, the budget is just as small with taxi rides at 40 cents per kilometer and pints of beer at 0.98 euro per unit. In addition, from Paris, some tickets show 50 euros for a one-way ticket to Sofia.


  • Berlin (Germany)

The German capital remains undoubtedly one of the leading destinations in Europe for those who cannot afford large expenses in summer. With flights from Paris to less than 70 euros, you can have fun without breaking the bank. Berlin is a huge playground for students with its highly developed music scene, vibrant cultural life and great diversity.


  • Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is the spot coveted by young students. With its sunny climate, beaches and affordable prices, the Catalan city has all the assets to seduce young holidaymakers.

To get there, the low-cost airlines are many to offer prices for small budgets with tickets from 40 euros. And with entries in the nightclub from 5 euros, the most revelers will have plenty to find their happiness.


  • Lisbon (Portugal)

For a capital, Lisbon remains relatively calm and its human size allows to visit without necessarily opting for public transport. Life is, once again, much cheaper than in France (-28%) whether from food, shopping or leisure point of view.

It will be quite simple to reach the beaches outside the city with trains costing less than 5 euros. Air tickets are available around 80 euros in summer.


  • Split (Croatia)

Formerly little frequented by tourists, Croatia has become the trendy and especially affordable seaside destination for young students. With its Mediterranean landscapes, the city of Split is the perfect place for a holiday with friends.

The average cost of a meal in the restaurant is about 8 euros and flights from Paris show about sixty euros in summer!


  • Galicia (Spain)

If you are more of those who prefer to escape the world, know that not all regions of Spain are in the grip of hordes of tourists. Galicia, a small region on the northwestern coast of the country still resists this phenomenon. The temperatures are pleasant and prices similar to those of the rest of the country.

You can also take the opportunity to visit Santiago de Compostela. From Paris, if you choose to land in the city of Vigo, some flights show 75 euros.


  • Paros Island (Greece)

Yes, going on vacation to Mykonos is not given to everyone. But do not get me wrong, some parts of Greece are quite affordable, especially for holidays between students broke!

Think about putting your suitcases on quieter islands like Paros. Ideal for sunbathing, enjoy pints at 3 euros and restaurants at souvlaki (local kebabs). Flights are available from 150 euros from Paris.


  • Rome (Italy)

The Italian capital also has all the assets to seduce youth travel in search of wonder. From 50 euros, from Paris, you can offer a stay in this city rich in history. Although access to some emblematic monuments such as the Colosseum is quite expensive for students, some others (Pantheon or the monument Victor Emmanuel II) are available for free.

The cost of Roman life is very affordable with metro tickets at 1.50 euro, kebabs from 3.50 euros and beer at less than 2 euros. If you regret the lack of beach, know that the seaside resort Ostia is accessible by train for 4 euros.


  • Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy)

Thirty-Seven euros. Yes, this is the price that some low-cost airlines offer to fly in the middle of August to Cagliari, Sardinia. On this Italian island, you can enjoy the beach, sun and especially a cost of living 29% lower than that of France in terms of catering. Buses at reasonable prices are available for you to visit the surrounding cities or even go around Sardinia.

The rates in the article are given as an indication through flight comparators for the period of August 2018. The information concerning the cost of living for the destinations mentioned is mainly from the internet research.